Swing dance is a term used to describe a group of dance styles that evolved from the 1920’s through to the 1940’s.  Taking it’s name from the Swing music, played by the Big Bands of that era.  It is mistakenly believed that Swing dancing is all about dancing to fast music with a lot of acrobatic moves.  In fact it can be danced at all tempos, slow, medium and fast.  Suiting all age groups and levels of fitness.  The following dance styles are a few examples that fall under the Swing dance umbrella:  Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Jitterbug, and Collegiate Shag.  These styles are taught at Swing Dance Company B.  Check out how different they look by clicking the drop-down menu of this page.  On each sub-page you'll find descriptions and links to youtube.  Happy browsing.







Descriptions of these dance styles are observations made by SDCB